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FANTEC SB-200BT Bluetooth Soundbar
Tên sản phẩm: FANTEC SB-200BT Bluetooth Soundbar
Model: FANTEC SB-200BT Bluetooth Soundbar
Giá: Liên hệ
model no.: FANTEC SB-200BT Bluetooth Soundbar
2x 12 Watt, bass-reflex, Bluetooth + EDR
specification: compact soundbar for wireless music playback from mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops or MP3 player
connectors: 1x line-in audio input (rear side)
1x headphone / line-out audio output (rear side)
1x power supply (rear side)
material / color: plastic / black
features: - wireless Bluetooth soundbar
- Bluetooth 2.1, backward compatible, A2DP
- function keys for playback control
- equalizer (bass and treble)
- line-in jack for external audio devices (e.g. MP3 player, etc.)
compatible Bluetooth devices: - mobile phone, smartphone
- tablets PC, laptop, netbook, computer
- MP3 player
accessories including: 1x audio stereo cable with 2x 3.5mm plug
1x manual
1x external power adapter
dimensions (w x d x h): 340 x 110 x 110mm
weight / piece (kg): 1.5
package (piece / carton): 6
description: The compact FANTEC SB-200BT soundbar can playback music wirelessly by Bluetooth from mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptop or MP3 player.
Easily connect your devices to the FANTEC SB-200BT soundbar via Bluetooth or use the line-in audio input (cable included) to improve their sound quality.
Even laptops or flat screen TVs can be connected to the Bluetooth soundbar to lift up the quality of the audio playback.
The FANTEC SB-200BT sound bar is equipped with two 70mm speakers including bass reflex channel to enhance the bass reproduction.
The keys at the front can operate the volume, equalizer and playback-functions as well as the selection of the audio source.

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